Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week Five: The Story of the I...

In my opinion the two defining aspects of Web 2.0 are that it is open source and is fueled by user generated content. This distinguishes it from previous versions of the Web which required specialised knowledge in order to create content for - and in some cases, use - websites. Personally I have come to enjoy using the internet for leisure, research and to engage with and participate in special interest groups.

I am pleased that I had a chance to be part of the SLV Learning 2.0 training program and think that Leanne and Carmen have done a great job of making complex information not only easy to understand but enjoyable as well!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Week Four: The eyes are the window to the soul...

The Pros & Cons of Convergence or a little piece of me goes a long way...

RSS feedreaders collate up to date info grabs from many different sources into a single viewing space. It's a bit like having a PO Box just for magazine subscriptions. It's great for magpie minds or info-surfers but can be overwhelming in volume and is not conducive to indepth analysis.
Bloglines has been my preferred feedreader however I have noticed that now that I am registered with blogger I also have been automatically assigned one with google reader. This makes it easier to view feeds from the AID 2-3 participants blogs.

Google has also stored the images from my blog in a Picasa account. I have not looked into this much as yet however the intergration of services is very appealing. The downside of convergence is that Picasa has stored images that I have deleted from my blog and I now have a suite of extra sites to keep on eye on...

Vod & Podcasts would be useful at SLV as a way for staff to catch up on meetings and/or training sessions they may have missed. I find browsing through sites like podcast.com frustrating and clumsy. Instead, I prefer try to find a source website ie PBS or ABC and then see what they have on offer.

FYI: Unshelved: trolley design contest

Monday, September 22, 2008

Week Three: I spy with my little eye...

Traffic Counter
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I posted this image directly to my blog from my flickr account.

Flickr is great for viewing, storing and sharing images but I have not added much of my photography to it for a few years. I find the image display interface visually unappealing.

Instead, I have used it to create private group accounts for my nieces and nephews. This means that baby photos can be shared with registered users instead of clogging up email accounts!

Youtube can easily chew up a lot of time however I find the small viewing window difficult to watch for long periods of time. Searching through versions of the same thing is also a little annoying.

Web series - or episodic serials produced for viewing on the internet - are an interesting innovation. These shows can be viewed anywhere, at any time and can incorporate viewer comments into plot developments.

Friday, August 29, 2008

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Technorati is a blog indexing site. You can register your blog and search for like minded bloggers.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Week Two: Truth is in the Eye of the Beholder or There are Many 'I's in Team...

Wiki's can be a useful adjunct to websites. They can be readily accessed and customised by participants. On the downside, wiki's can be clumsy to navigate and can take some getting used to for the newly initiated. The interface can appear quite 'busy' and the layout is a bit different from the style of websites most people are used to browsing.

I think wiki's could be very useful for CAO's. They could function as a kind of virtual whiteboard and would come in particularly handy at the Bookdesk. For example, BOSS not founds could be added to a wiki; technical issues could be added so staff would know a problem had already been reported and any issues affecting retrievals could be listed. A wiki would be a handy way of communicating between teams and for receiving information. It could complement the email system.

Wikipedia is a great one stop browsing shop for quick answer grabs. Chances are it will become as deeply embedded in popular culture as 'google' and folks will be winning trivia competitions because wikipedia says so...

'Community Consensus'

Monday, August 18, 2008

Week One: The Aye's Have It...

First post & registration successfully completed.

Library thing is a fun way to catalogue your books. You can also check out the collections of like minded readers. Unfortunately though, not all editions of each title have cover images available.

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